Project 366 – Day 39 – Heat.

2016-02-08 11.38.22.jpg

On a cold and blustery day like this, a shot of the woodpile seemed appropriate. (And yes, this firewood came from Al Angrignon!)


Project 366 – Day 38 – Welcome colour!

2016-02-07 10.38.17

Since football is very soon going to overtake my day, I thought I should post early. These are some flowers I picked up at the Winter Market yesterday. A nice bit of cheery colour for the house.

Project 366 – Day 37 – Making an Impression.

2016-02-06 14.22.39

As I left work today, this rock brought a smile to my face. Evidently, several pairs of hands were at work this morning creating a little Impressionist artwork.

Project 366 – Day 36 – Sugar-coated.

Project 366 - Day 36 - Sugar-coated.

Today was one of those days when the weatherman almost couldn’t be wrong – cuz we had it all.

Project 366 – Day 35 – The day was a blur.

Project 366 - Day 35 - The day was a blur.

Looking at Byron’s house through my car window kinda spoke volumes about my day.

Project 366 – Day 34 – Staying in Tune.

Project 366 - Day 34 - Staying in Tune.

When I need a desperation shot, I often resort to musical instrument portraiture. This is a guitar I can’t play… (but don’t fret – I will learn one day!)

Project 366 – Day 33 – Groundhog Day.

Project 366 - Day 33 - Groundhog Day.

Ernie – Hey Bert, look at our cool shadows. Bert – Sure Ernie, but the cost is 6 more weeks of winter.




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