Project 366 – Day 122 – Feathered Friend.

Project 366 - Day 122 -  Feathered Friend.

The cardinals around the Gardens tend to be a bit elusive, so I am always happy to snag a shot.

Project 366 – Day 121 – Greens.

Project 366 - Day 121 - Greens.

Sometimes green is just the right amount of colour…

Project 366 – Day 120 – Ray of Sunshine.

Project 366 - Day 120 - Ray of Sunshine.

What a pleasant surprise to see this ray of sunshine today, in the form of Wayne & Jerri. Jerri is recovering from an illness and enjoyed a stroll in one of the most therapeutic locations around… Welcome home Jerri!

Project 366 – Day 119 – Sit Squirt, Sit.

Project 366 - Day 119 - Sit Squirt, Sit.

This is Squirt. He is sitting. That is all.

Project 366 – Day 118 – A Frosty Morn.

Project 366 - Day 118 - A Frosty Morn.

Heavy frost this morning on the lawn…

Project 366 – Day 117 – Uh oh.

Project 366 - Day 117 - Uh oh.

No artistic merit whatsoever to today’s photo, but it does capture an interesting event. Turns out we had a leak in a valve up in the pipe column. This strip of paint was holding well over a litre of water when I noticed the sag. We were able to put in a pinhole and drain the water neatly into a bucket. Hats off to Pittsburgh for what is clearly very strong paint!

Project 366 – Day 116 – Sunny Ways.

Project 366 - Day 116 - Sunny Ways.

There is something about the yellow of forsythia against a bright blue sky…


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