My Pet Pix #2 – Sheba


A couple weeks ago I blogged a bit about the Hillsdale House pets. And since that time, I’ve caught nothing but grief from a certain black feline who calls me Mom. “How COULD you write about other cats before you introduced ME to the world?”

My response, as I give her another kitty treat and pat her on the head apologetically, is that I wanted a “practice run” before I wrote about her, because hers had to be purrfect!

So here goes. Sheba came into my life about 14 months ago. For all my adult life, my feline family consisted of Nikita and Jude. I adopted them as kittens. They grew up together. They grew old together. Nikita died at age 17, and four years later Jude died at the tender age of 21. After Jude died, I decided to try living sans kitties for a while and then decide whether I wanted to have more pets. Of course, that was just denial on my part – family and friends knew that wouldn’t last very long. So about 6 months later, someone came to me with an offer – Sheba, a 10-or-so year old cat, was in need of a home. Her Mom was sick and going into a nursing home. Sheba had nowhere to go. So I thought about it – once again, my family and friends knew immediately I would take the cat, but I convinced myself that I needed to “sleep on it” before I jumped. Family and friends were right… Sheba came to my home shortly thereafter and immediately made herself at home. She took charge of the household right away, just like all good kitties do. And all is well with the world.


Is she buying my excuse for the delay in her “coming out party”? Nope. But she loves me anyway. For now, that is… we have a visit to the (shhhhhh) V-E-T next week and I have a feeling I will be out of her good graces for a while after that!


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