Mother Nature’s Masterpieces

I had my first real “photo show” recently, in the Mym Gallery at ArtsPlace in Annapolis Royal. I’ve done displays before, particularly at the Historic Gardens, my place of work and the place where most of my photos are taken. But this was to be a “real” show, at an actual art gallery – that’s a whole new thing.  What to do, what to do? It was quite a mental exercise to think about the space, to think of the tens of thousands of digital photos I have, and to try to come up with some sort of theming that would culminate in a display people would enjoy.  It was difficult, but eventually an idea started to form, and in the end I was pleased with the direction it took.

The overall theme I came up with was “Mother Nature’s Masterpieces” – you likely gathered that from the title of this post! Within this theme, I developed 6 sub-themes… 6 different categories of masterpieces for which Mother Nature is largely responsible. I then chose photos that illustrated these themes.

I thought the next step would be to share this show with more people through the power of internet. In each of the next 6 posts, I will explore each of these Masterpieces with you, a photographic journey through Mother Nature’s greatest work!


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