After MORE rain…

Well, once you don your raingear you might as well go for it… so I spent a good part of today playing out in the rain. Sometimes,  still shots are very telling. Even the “After the rains” shots I posted yesterday tell a pretty good story.

But then there are times when a video clip says so much more. And to get a true feel for the volumes of water we are experiencing, you’ll find these clips say a lot more than the photos did!

The first is of Mickey Hill Pocket Wilderness – the flow from Lamb’s Lake. The picnic tables were afloat, and the walking trails were impassable, but I captured a bit of the waterworks…

Then on to the Grand Lake Flowage… and turn up the volume!


Department of Transportation crews are on high alert all over, but especially watching the bridges BELOW Grand Lake as this deluge of water could cause the bridges to fail… They have also evacuated some low lying properties in case the dam above this wall of water actually let’s go!

All for now…



One Response to “After MORE rain…”

  1. jodi (bloomingwriter) Says:

    This is gettin’ scary–especially with more rain forecast. The water table is full now, nature may turn off the faucet for a little while.
    On the other hand, it’s a good thing this isn’t snow…we wouldn’t be out for months.

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