Day 259 – 16Sep2011 – Biker Down…

Project 365 – Biker Down…

Day 259 – Today I participated in a special motorcycle ride. A local rider was killed in an accident earlier in the week, and her husband wanted to honour her motorcycle interest so he rode his bike from the funeral home to the place of reception a few miles away. And he invited anyone else who wanted, to bring their bike to join him.

The result was very impressive, with far more than 100 motorcycles joining in to honour Shirley. Some bikers knew her, some didn’t. But it didn’t matter, because everyone was there to support a fallen rider and her family…

After the bike parade got to the final destination, we all toasted Shirley and then started our bikes and “made some noise” for a 1 minute salute to Shirley. It probably sounds weird to some, but it was actually very moving and Shirley’s husband was so pleased!

On a side note, on this very same day one year ago another local motorcyclist was killed in an accident. In both cases, they were hit by a car. In both cases, the car driver reported “I never saw him/her”. In both cases, the rider and the car driver were very responsible people.

How do we avoid these tragedies? One of my friends has advised her newly licensed daughter to look closely for bikes ALL THE TIME. If you are looking for bikes, you will always see a car coming, and just maybe you’ll see the motorcycle too!

The life you save may be mine!


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