Project 7×52 – Week 1 – “Counting”

So… it’s time to post for Week 1 of our new photo project, 7×52.  Quite a change, going from a photo of my choice each and every day for the past year, to a project that is less intense but perhaps requires more creativity as it turns out. A themed series of 7 photos each week…  Choosing the theme will be the hard part I suspect, and in some of the more photo-filled weeks this year it may be hard to hone in on only one theme!

Ah well, best to get started I guess and see where it goes…

I have chosen “Counting” as my theme in this inaugural 7×52 week for two reasons: firstly, 7×52 is all about numbers and secondly, those who know me are familiar with my need to count things… rumour has it that I am a wee bit OCD!

So the seven photos are… (insert drumroll here…)

#1 – 7×52 Illuminated – This shot serves as my opening shot for our 2012 Photo Project 7×52.

# 2 – Slide Rule – This slide rule once belonged to my father, I believe. I am not proficient with its use, but instead set it to a point where 7 and 52 are highlighted…

#3 – Deck o’ Cards – This shot is meant to represent 7 and 52 through the use of a standard deck of cards.

#4 – Time Signature – Any musician will understand the importance of counting!

#5 – Pi Rock – As a mathematician, the number pi is near and dear to my heart. I picked up this “Pi Rock” a few years ago at a local fundraiser.

#6 – Barometer – This old barometer hangs on my wall. It was always well-used in the wee hours on storm days, as my father, the Principal,  debated school cancellations using all tools at his disposal!

#7 – Abacus – The abacus is an old tool for counting –  this one resides at the O’Dell House Museum inAnnapolis Royal.

So there you have it… “Counting”. Until next week…



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