Project 7×52 – Week 2 – “French Basin Trail Orchestra”

On Sunday morning I decided to take a relaxing stroll around the French Basin Trail. So I stuck my music in my ears and set out with camera in hand. As my walk evolved, so did the concept of Mother Nature’s Symphony around me. I have a feeling this musical theme may appear more than once in my 7×52 journey!

The 7 photos for the week are:

#1 – Show Marquee – Every performance venue should have a welcoming Marquee!

#2 – The Theatre – The setting and acoustics are also very important.

#3 – Band Shell – Just like the BSO uses…

#4 – The Reed Section – The reeds are an important part of any orchestra.

#5 – The String Section – Funnily enough, just when I was thinking I needed a photo representing “strings” I saw this piece of natural art hanging from a nearby tree. How convenient!

#6 – Percussion – It seems that the woodpeckers would create a wonderful beat…

#7 – An Appreciative Audience – No performance is complete without the listeners.

There… that was easy! Until next time…



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