Project 7×52 – Week 7 – 50 Mile Diet

The Winter Farmer’s Market in Annapolis Royal has its home at the Historic Gardens, operating every Saturday morning (9-12) from mid October to mid May. With my involvement in working with this fine group of local growers and producers, my eyes have been opened to the value of local products, in terms of nutritional value, exceptional taste, and support for our local economy. We have an incredible wealth of local food available to us, and we should all take advantage of this opportunity to partake in the “50 mile diet” as much as we can.

The following are photos of some of the great food currently available at our Winter Market. Since I am limited to seven photos in this 7×52 project, this is but a selection: you will have to imagine all the rest!

#1 – Joy’s Buns.

#2 – Valley Mushrooms.

#3 – Cathy’s Onions.

#4 – Keith’s Fish.

#5 – Deb’s Eggs.

#6 – Marie’s Criossants.

#7 – Devin’s Breakfast Wrap.

Add to this all the rest: cheese, veggies, locally roasted coffee, meats, soup, pasta, spatzle… and it adds up to quite a special Winter Market experience!

Meet you at the Market!



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