Project 7×52 – Week 18 – Florida Vacation

Finally, a long-deserved vacation… so it was off to Florida with my sister and her family. A Disney Vacation, which suited me fine since I am a lifelong Disney fan(atic)!


#1 – Mickey Air – the retired private jet!

#2 – Monorail – the iconic Disney Transportation system, as shot at Epcot.

#3 – Atlas at Epcot – My nephew doing his best ‘Atlas’ pose with the Epcot Geodesic Dome.

#4 – Castle at Night – Cinderella’s Castle is picturesque any time, but this dusk shot stood out!

#5 – Ready for the Parade – Mother & Son hangin’ out waiting for the Mainstreet Electrical Parade!

#6 – Mainstreet Electrical Parade – and here it is! This was an absolutely incredible show!

#7 – Walt & Mickey – Where it all started… a dreamer and his mouse!

Needless to say, I took a Gazillion photos so it was hard to pick seven…

A great time was had by all – thanks Walt!



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