Project 7×52 – Week 40 – Fort Anne B&W

I took a little field trip to Fort Anne yesterday, with a Shutterbug friend, to grab some end-of-week shots in a non-garden setting for a change. Many people have fond memories of Fort Anne, and nobody moreso than anyone who grew up here. Every single kid in this town has rolled down the hills there, or has gone tobogganing there, or has climbed each and every cannon and pretended to shoot at phantom ships in the Basin, or climbed the roof of the powder magazine because… well, because you COULD I guess!

I decided Black & White photos might be fun, and somewhat appropriate as well.

#1 – This has got to be the coolest maintenance building EVER! It’s like the hobbits work here!

#2 – The ultra-modern padlock graces the old door!

#3 – A cannon with a view…

#4 – Solitude…

#5 – The Garrison Graveyard…

#6 – Rolling down the hills is fun… getting back to the top again, not so much!

#7 – But this young fellow is not deterred by the trip back to the top…

When I posted these photos (and more) to Facebook yesterday, it was interesting to see the reaction from one-time Annapolitans who were thrilled to talk a little walk down memory lane!



One Response to “Project 7×52 – Week 40 – Fort Anne B&W”

  1. Ericka Says:

    Nice Trish, loved the stairs and the padlock the best!

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