Project 7×52 – Week 45 – Gathering Dust

It seems that life gets busier and busier, leaving less and less time for the important leisure activities. Yet these very activities will keep us healthy and better able to handle our stressful lives. It’s a vicious circle…

#1 – The Dread-mill…

#2 – Start! Yes, that’s what I need to do…

#3 – Weights…

#4 – And more weights…

#5 – Mat hasn’t been unrolled in years…

#6 – Stationary bike has been, well, just that… stationary in every way!

#7 – My runners… NOT!

I simply HAVE to wipe the dust off these things and start using them!





2 Responses to “Project 7×52 – Week 45 – Gathering Dust”

  1. Erven Says:

    You are not alone in this matter. Ever since LIFEPLEX closed we have procrastinated so I went on a diet instead and lost 18 pounds. No up hill or down, just 2 milkshakes a day. And now we are in florida to take a walk with Mickey 3 days a week.

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