A New Beginning…

Another new year, and thoughts of another photo project have been running through my head for a couple weeks, along with the visions of sugarplums and all that good stuff!

In 2011, I took on my first annual photo challenge along with two shutterbug friends. It was a 365 challenge: to take and post a photo each and every day in 2011. I decided to double my efforts and committed to 2 photos every day – one representing the Historic Gardens (my usual haunt) and one from outside the Gardens (to stretch myself a bit). I stuck to it faithfully all year, I am proud to say – the first New Year’s commitment I have ever really followed through with. See my wrap up post from 2011.

We decided to go in slightly different direction in 2012, with a 7/52 project – 7 photos with a central theme each week of the year. While I completed the project, I must confess I did not enjoy it nearly as much.

So… for 2013 I have returned to the 365 concept but with a bit of a variation.  I will once again be shooting and posting daily, wherever possible. But this time I have a theme “What a Wonderful World”, or WWW for short. The photos for this challenge will somehow represent something positive in my day, or in my surroundings, or in my community. It may not be obvious from the photo, but the accompanying text will explain the context as required.

And the last twist I should tell you about, is that this time I will not be selecting only one photo each day. That’s tougher than it sounds, sometimes. So I will narrow down the field to my faves, and then post them all on my Facebook Page and let others decide which should be the winner each day. If you are interested in participating in that exercise, or at least following it, feel free to check out The Garden Shutterbug on Facebook. For those who choose to accept this mission, just take a minute each time I post photos on Facebook, and hit Like for your fave. Simple!

Once the voting has happened (24 hours or so) then I will declare a winner. And that photo, possibly with the runners-up, will be recorded on this blog.

It will be interesting at the end to see how the votes land – it’s all a grand experiment, like most everything else in life. I guess that’s what makes this such a Wonderful World!




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