2017 Photo Project – Canada 150

Flag movement...

Flag movement…

For my 2017 photo project, I will be using the theme of Canada 150 – Celebrating Our Canada. Or as I like to think of it… “Proud to be Canadian”. Seems like an easy theme, as there is so much to photograph in the Annapolis Royal region that really speaks about Canada.

This theme will be less rigorous than the “Photo a Day” project I just completed, at least as far as the need to shoot and post daily. But it will require a bit more thinking, to get meaningful photos and to tell the stories behind the photos.

I have missed the blogging part of my photography – it was something that just fell by the wayside with the intensity of the Photo a Day project. So one of my big goals with the Canada 150 project is to get back into writing and storytelling a bit along with the photos.

As usual, plans on January 1 sometimes evolve as the year unfolds, and projects usually finish up a bit differently than they started. It will be interesting to see where this challenge takes me.

So enjoy my take on Canada, the greatest country in the world!



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