Canada 150 – #1 – Trans*Canada


One of the great things about being Canadian is the freedom to be an individual. Not that it is always easy, especially for those who are not in the majority or “mainstream”, but when we think about the lack of such freedom in other countries, we can be very thankful we live in Canada.

This shot is of a photograph that was given to me for Christmas by a nephew. He is a very talented photographer and filmmaker. He is a very hardworking and motivated individual. He is a very thoughtful and caring person. And by the way, he is transgender.

I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult his journey through life has been, as he came to terms with who he really was and then was brave enough to do something about it. And this past summer he decided to travel across Canada on a Honda Ruckus and use his filmmaking skills to bring attention to the transgender people and communities along the way. A whole new meaning for Trans*Canada Trail.

Now Canada is not perfect, as anyone from any minority can no doubt attest.  But hats off to this Canadian named Samson Learn, who is trying to do positive things to make Canada an even better place for everyone to live. For more on Sam’s story, check out this article by CBC:

The photograph Sam gave me was taken along his cross country trek this past summer. He said he thought I would like it, and he is absolutely right – I love it! Thanks Sam!



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