Canada 150 – #9 – Another Special Birthday.

Canada 150 - #9 - Another Special Birthday.

While Canada’s 150th Birthday is the theme of this year’s photo challenge, there will be other celebrations along the way. The first of those, and indeed one that will be reappearing throughout the year, is the 100th Anniversary of Fort Anne. On January 24, 1917, Fort Anne was designated as a National Historic Site, the first in Canada. This designation came as a result of a community movement to pressure the government to save and preserve this special piece of Canadian heritage. Thus began a federal legacy of preservation of National Historic Sites – there are currently 950 NHS in Canada, of which 171 are administered by Parks Canada.

The public is invited to join us in Annapolis Royal to mark the occasion on Tuesday, January 24, beginning at 10am at Town Hall. Celebrations will involve a re-enactment, sneak previews of the new exhibits, and of course, birthday cake!  Should be fun.

((Note: Event postponed until Friday Jan 27 due to weather forecast))




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