Canada 150 – #13 – And here’s to you Mr. Robinson.

Canada 150 – #13 – And here’s to you Mr. Robinson.  (…with apologies once again to Simon & Garfunkel…)

Canada 150 - #13 - And here's to you Mr. Robinson.

In the course of remodelling the Rec Room, I have been checking out some artwork that I haven’t really noticed for some time. One of those pieces is “Sou’wester” by L. Robinson. Laurence Robinson was a teacher in Annapolis Royal, better known as “Rip” Robinson (for reasons unknown to me). He and his wife Helen lived in Annapolis Royal until their deaths in 1986 and 2009 respectively. He had retired from teaching before I hit high school, but my older siblings had him as an English teacher.

Art was a hobby for him, and Mom & Dad had several of his works. This one was has a tag on the back for Chas Dargie & Sons, a long time business in Annapolis Royal for the better part of 100 years (a research project/story for another day). From what I can gather, I believe my parents may have purchased this one as a gift for my mother’s parents, because also on the back of the frame is “Norma” in my grandmother’s handwriting – she was always known for labelling her special things so that their eventual destination would be very clear when she died.

Anyway, here’s to you Mr. Robinson for your work in immortalizing various Nova Scotian scenes through your art.



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