Shutterbug Services


The Garden Shutterbug

Trish Fry, Hobby Photographer

  • House & Garden Photos – high quality digital photos for any use
  • Historic Gardens Photocards – a wide selection of photocards featuring scenes and floral shots from the beautiful Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.
  • Annapolis Royal Photocards – featuring scenes from the Annapolis Royal area.
  • Personalized Photocards – for Christmas cards or other occasions.
  • Event Photos – a photographic record of your event.
  • Desktop Publishing – posters, flyers and your basic design needs.
  • Insurance Asset Photos – a photographic record in case disaster strikes.
  • Photo & Slide Scanning – transfer family slides to DVD.
  • Memories Discs – special label CDs or DVDs capturing an event.
  • Videotaping & Movie Editing – I’ll tape your event and save it on DVD for you, or edit clips and upload them to YouTube for you.
  • You and Your Digital Camera – One-on-one HELP sessions, from turning on the camera to printing your photos.
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