Canada 150 – The First 50

Canada 150 - #65 - Toasting 2017.

A year ago, my intentions were to take and post at least 150 photos that celebrated Canada in some way. A personal project for Canada’s sesquicentennial…

Well I partially succeeded – I indeed took 150 photos – in fact far more. But the regular posting fell by the wayside as life got busier.

So Plan B it is. I have gone back through my 2017 photos and selected 150 that I feel are representative of Canada 150 in some way. I am now writing  – captions, explanations, and even the odd factoid that I have discovered in the process of completing this project. (A little googling from time to time has brought me some newfound knowledge about my home and native land!)

So with that explanation, I redirect you to the main posting venue for these photos – The Garden Shutterbug Facebook page. This is a direct link to the Album “Canada 150 Project – Part 1 of 3”.

(Whether or not you are registered for Facebook, you can access this album. Click on each photo and you will see the context or caption.)




Canada 150 – #20 – Red & White

We were fortunate to have our “red & white” tulip display peak just in time for our 2017 Season Kickoff weekend, so lots of people were around to enjoy them. This display was planted in the fall after the donation from Veseys Seeds of 1000 tulips to the Gardens to honour Canada’s 150th.

This photo also carried a Mother’s Day theme, with a young girl accompanied by her Grandmother and Great-Grandmother.

Even though this photo has already made the rounds on Facebook, as a promotional tool, it seemed appropriate fodder for my Canada 150 collection so I am posting it once again for that reason.

Canada 150 – #19 – A Good Read.

I recently read a book named “Lunenburg”. While author Keith Baker is from the UK, the book focuses on Lunenburg and Halifax. It is always interesting to read fiction set in Nova Scotia, using street names and places that we are familiar with…

Canada 150 – #18 – Sweet!

My neighbour, and second mother, paid me a visit yesterday with a gift “for my sweet tooth”.

I think of maple syrup as something quite Canadian, even though it is produced in other places as well. Evidently, Quebec alone is responsible for about 75% of the world’s supply – so I guess we can put a pretty solid Canadian stamp on maple syrup.

I remember family trips back through the snow to a local sugar shack when I was young, and a very muddy trek to a more modern one on the North Mountain a few years ago.

Every spring my neighbour brings me these treats, produced by her family in Cumberland County.  I look forward to and appreciate her annual gift of this wonderful elixir (something she secretly allowed me to drink by the cupful when I was young and my own mother wasn’t looking!)

Canada 150 – #17 – In our Blood

Nova Scotia has a long & proud history of rum running…

But we also had some perfectly legal alcohol enterprises over the years as well. One such business was Acadian Distillers in Bridgetown which operated from the mid fifties until the early eighties. I am fortunate to have, in my cupboard, four of their whiskey glasses which belonged to my parents. A little piece of local history.

I remember touring the distillery as a school kid on a field trip – I guess as Nova Scotians it was important that we be taught early about liquor production! After the tour, I remember thinking that the most boring job in the world HAD to be the lady who watched the bottles go by to make sure the labels were all there. And she was able to read a book and watch the bottles go by – mutli-tasking at its best?

For more on our rum running heritage, check out this Land & Sea episode…

Now, off for a wee dram…


Canada 150 – #16 – Old Fashioned Nor’easters

Canada 150 - #16 - Old Fashioned Nor'easters.

Since everyone seems to be conforming to “the obvious” today for a post, I too shall stick to Canadian winters for my Canada 150 theme for the day. Atlantic Canadians are very familiar with the “Nor’easter” – always a storm situation to be respected. Today’s is one of the worst we have had in recent years – a good old fashioned blizzard.

There’s not much I can say about Atlantic Canadian winters except that winter definitely happens here, and we Canucks are pretty good at dealing with it.  Without winter we would not have the same appreciation for the other seasons, would we?

This photo – Sometimes we Canadians build carports, so that we don’t have to clean off the car and so that we don’t have to shovel off the woodpile. That worked like a charm, didn’t it?

And a few more shots from this afternoon, when I ventured out briefly to shovel my doors clear…


The pile outside my back door…



A view back at the house…



Blizzing on St George Street…



This sundial isn’t telling time right now…



Yes, I think my Merry Grinchmas sign will be in the ground for a while yet!


Canada 150 – #15 – My father, well disguised.

Canada 150 - #15 – My father, well disguised.

Re-enactments, pageants, skits… call them what you may, but theatrical presentations have been part of our history for a very long time. And as this “photo of a photo” indicates, my father was known to play a role in some of these productions.

This photo took me on a rather convoluted path, as I had originally thought it was from a pageant at the Grist Mill (of which I have a very vague memory and you can read about in a future post). It turns out that this photo was from another event, I think at the Habitation although I am still trying to nail that down. It would have been in the sixties I think.

All I know for sure is that this photo is of Larry Bower (left) and Dad (right). There used to be a number of photos from this re-enactment hanging at the Legion, but they are no longer there. I’m sure there are folks in the community who can fill in some details for me so please comment if you remember this event!


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