Day 63 – 04Mar2011 – Standing on One Foot

Project 365 – Standing on One Foot.

Day 63 – Atop a building near the wharf sat a gull. With the beautiful blue sky behind, it was quite photogenic. It wasn’t until after I downloaded the photo that I noticed the gull is either standing on one foot or is missing a leg…


DAY 29 – 29Jan2011 – In the Blink of an Eye

Project 365 – In the Blink of an Eye.

On Day 29 I had the opportunity to spend some time amid my friend’s horses, and in the process I captured Willow’s eye with my long lens.

If you look carefully, you can see my reflection in her eye!

What gentle souls these creatures are… we have much to learn from them!

There are lots more horsie photos on my Flickr Photostream – check it out!

All for now,


DAY 27 – 27Jan2011 – Man & Beast

Project 365, Day 27 – Man & Beast

Thinking all day long that this weather is “not fit for man nor beast” and then lo and behold… the man and the beast!

DAY 17 – 17Jan2011 – Peek-a-boo Rosie

Day 17/365 – Peek-a-boo Rosie

I went x-country skiing this afternoon with friends, and their dogs, in the woods near Annapolis Royal. It was gorgeous!

Here’s ‘Rosie’ playing peek-a-boo from behind a tree. She very much enjoyed her run in the snow!

DAY 1 – 01Jan2011 – Barred Owl

On a “field trip” on my first day of Project 365, an owl flew over my car and perched in a roadside tree, allowing me lots of time to get out and photograph it from several angles. I’ve always been drawn to owls, so it seemed serendipitous that this experience would happen on DAY 1 of my undertaking Project 365. A good omen…

The Critters of the French Basin Trail

Strolled the French Basin Trail Good Friday morning – what a treat! Lots of critters…

Canada Geese coming in for a landing

Closer now...


A Happy Couple...

Lunch time!

Painted Turtle

Painted Turtle - up close & personal...

Muskrat Sam

Shy Squirrel


Check out more on the French Basin Trail on the Attractions Annapolis Blogsite.

Our Feathered Friends…

I took a walk along Annapolis Royal’s French Basin Trail Sunday morning. It was an incredible spring day, and the birds seemed to be having as wonderful a time as I was… except for those few moments when a bald eagle came by to make trouble, and was soon chased off by the Seagull Sentry!

The Seagulls put the run to an Eagle

The Seagulls put the run to an Eagle

Swallows making a home...

Swallows making a home...





Canada Goose

Canada Goose

Nature's Sculpture

Nature's Sculpture

This final shot is of a fallen tree, but to me it looks like something more… it looks like a cormorant with a fish in his mouth. Am I wrong??? I love it when these little pieces of nature take on a personality.

GPS Folks… To find this treasure, navigate your way to N 44 44.647  W 065 30.778.

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