Canada 150 – #15 – My father, well disguised.

Canada 150 - #15 – My father, well disguised.

Re-enactments, pageants, skits… call them what you may, but theatrical presentations have been part of our history for a very long time. And as this “photo of a photo” indicates, my father was known to play a role in some of these productions.

This photo took me on a rather convoluted path, as I had originally thought it was from a pageant at the Grist Mill (of which I have a very vague memory and you can read about in a future post). It turns out that this photo was from another event, I think at the Habitation although I am still trying to nail that down. It would have been in the sixties I think.

All I know for sure is that this photo is of Larry Bower (left) and Dad (right). There used to be a number of photos from this re-enactment hanging at the Legion, but they are no longer there. I’m sure there are folks in the community who can fill in some details for me so please comment if you remember this event!



Canada 150 – #9 – Another Special Birthday.

Canada 150 - #9 - Another Special Birthday.

While Canada’s 150th Birthday is the theme of this year’s photo challenge, there will be other celebrations along the way. The first of those, and indeed one that will be reappearing throughout the year, is the 100th Anniversary of Fort Anne. On January 24, 1917, Fort Anne was designated as a National Historic Site, the first in Canada. This designation came as a result of a community movement to pressure the government to save and preserve this special piece of Canadian heritage. Thus began a federal legacy of preservation of National Historic Sites – there are currently 950 NHS in Canada, of which 171 are administered by Parks Canada.

The public is invited to join us in Annapolis Royal to mark the occasion on Tuesday, January 24, beginning at 10am at Town Hall. Celebrations will involve a re-enactment, sneak previews of the new exhibits, and of course, birthday cake!  Should be fun.

((Note: Event postponed until Friday Jan 27 due to weather forecast))



Project 7×52 – Week 48 – Victorian Christmas

An early December tradition in Annapolis Royal is the celebration of Victorian Christmas at the O’Dell House Museum.








Mark your calendar for next December… and the one after that, and the one after that…


Project 7×52 – Week 42 – Ghost Town

In late October, the Town of Annapolis Royal is taken over by ghosts from our storied past during GHOST TOWN. And as part of this Hallowe’en inspired offering, the Historic Gardens are made over to become Ghostly Gardens.

We have an incredible team of volunteers who spend a week doing this incredible makeover so that visitors can experience the Historic Gardens in a unique way.

#1 – Our “Pumpkin Bonfire” has become an annual tradition…

#2 – Ghosts of the Gardens…

#3 – An inhabitant of the Witch-steria Arbour…

#4 – The Witch’s Lair had some spooky decor…

#5 – The Witch’s Lair by lantern-light…

#6 – One of our ghosts had an angelic aura…

#7 – A trio of ghosts in the Courtyard…

GHOST TOWN 2012 was a wonderful success, with visitors coming to Annapolis Royal from all over Nova Scotia to experience  this unique fall festival. Now we’ll have to start thinking about GHOST TOWN 2013…

For more information about GHOST TOWN, visit


Project 7×52 – Week 41 – Worldwide Photo Walk

On October 13, I had the pleasure of hanging out with several photographers from Yarmouth through Wolfville during the Annapolis Royal installment of the Worldwide Photo Walk. We strolled the Historic Gardens, took in the Winter Farmer’s Market, and walked up past the Queen Anne Inn to Hillsdale House Inn. It was FREEZING cold, but a good time was had by all.

It was hard to choose only 7 photos from all that I took…

#1 – An October rose…

#2 – Some fellow shutterbugs…

#3 – La Maison acadienne…

#4 – Shutterbug by the pond…

#5 – Atop Queen Anne Inn…

#6 – Reflections in an Austin-Healey…

#7 – Checkmate!

I think we’ll do it all again next fall, as part of this worldwide effort to bring photographers of all ages and abilities together for a few hours to learn from each other.


Project 7×52 – Week 36 – Antiques

As a nice addition to the activities planned at the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens during Digby’s Wharf Rat Rally, a local collector offered to display several antique cars at the Gardens. They were a great highlight and made for some terrific photos as well.

#1 –

#2 –

#3 –

#4 –

#5 –

#6 –

#7 –


Isn’t it wonderful to have such generosity of spirit? He drove 6 cars here and back for two days in a row!

Project 7×52 – Week 35 – Wharf Rat Rally

Wharf Rat Rally is a huge annual motorcycle gathering held in nearby Digby, NS every Labour Day Weekend.  One of the more unique events is at the Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal where riders are permitted to bring their bikes into the Gardens for a classic photo opp! Following are photos from Digby and Annapolis Royal…

#1 – Hawg Wild in the Gardens!

#2 – A Sea of Bikes.

#3 – Foxy stole the show!

#4 – Chrome reflections.

#5 – Black & White Arbour.

#6 – Stone background.

#7 – Twins.

Another successful Wharf Rat Rally. Can’t wait until next year!

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