Project 52 – 2015 – Week 8

Blue skies smilin’ at me
Nothin’ but blue skies do I see.
February 22-28, 2015 – featuring the beautiful blue sky we have been enjoying.

Lots of geese around...

Lots of geese around…

Cute flower buds on the paulownia... they have personality!

Cute flower buds on the paulownia… they have personality!

Rooster on a barn...

Rooster on a barn…

Flag movement...

Flag movement…










A New Beginning…

Another new year, and thoughts of another photo project have been running through my head for a couple weeks, along with the visions of sugarplums and all that good stuff!

In 2011, I took on my first annual photo challenge along with two shutterbug friends. It was a 365 challenge: to take and post a photo each and every day in 2011. I decided to double my efforts and committed to 2 photos every day – one representing the Historic Gardens (my usual haunt) and one from outside the Gardens (to stretch myself a bit). I stuck to it faithfully all year, I am proud to say – the first New Year’s commitment I have ever really followed through with. See my wrap up post from 2011.

We decided to go in slightly different direction in 2012, with a 7/52 project – 7 photos with a central theme each week of the year. While I completed the project, I must confess I did not enjoy it nearly as much.

So… for 2013 I have returned to the 365 concept but with a bit of a variation.  I will once again be shooting and posting daily, wherever possible. But this time I have a theme “What a Wonderful World”, or WWW for short. The photos for this challenge will somehow represent something positive in my day, or in my surroundings, or in my community. It may not be obvious from the photo, but the accompanying text will explain the context as required.

And the last twist I should tell you about, is that this time I will not be selecting only one photo each day. That’s tougher than it sounds, sometimes. So I will narrow down the field to my faves, and then post them all on my Facebook Page and let others decide which should be the winner each day. If you are interested in participating in that exercise, or at least following it, feel free to check out The Garden Shutterbug on Facebook. For those who choose to accept this mission, just take a minute each time I post photos on Facebook, and hit Like for your fave. Simple!

Once the voting has happened (24 hours or so) then I will declare a winner. And that photo, possibly with the runners-up, will be recorded on this blog.

It will be interesting at the end to see how the votes land – it’s all a grand experiment, like most everything else in life. I guess that’s what makes this such a Wonderful World!



Project 365 Complete… Project 7×52 has Begun!

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”

Greg Anderson

Well, it’s official now – Project 365 is over and a 2012 photo project is conceived.

First of all, I must thank everyone who has been following this photo project – through Flickr, Facebook and Blogs –  for all the encouragement. There were lots of days when my creativity kinda hit the wall… and knowing there was a corps of supporters who were “waiting” for the daily post, well that definitely helped get me over the hump many times. I’m not sure I would have actually completed a 365 project if not for the sharing and feedback component – that interaction is the part that makes it fun.

By the way, there were three local photographers who participated in Project 365 and MADE IT. I did double duty, once as a personal project and another photo each day from the Historic Gardens. Jane DeWolfe and Ryan Scranton also made the trip – congrats to them as well! We had each other’s support, and it was always interesting to see what the others had chosen as their photo each day. There were a few days when we all had similar ideas (like Day 42 when we all captured the same dramatic storm clouds), and lots of times when our photos were of totally different themes. So in total the three photographers have accumulated a collection of more than 1400 photos, which collectively tell a story of the past year in this community. Our intention is to archive this collection at the O’Dell House Museum – who knows, future generations may look back on this for its heritage value much like we all value Charlotte Perkins’ photographic work from years ago. I think it’s safe to say we all feel quite good about Project 365. But we’re also glad it’s over!

Happily, all three of us have agreed to participate in the new 2012 challenge – in fact we hatched this plan collectively! And we have more shutterbugs joining with this effort, which makes it that much more exciting!

So what’s up for 2012? The challenge is called Project 7×52 and will involve posting 7 photographs weekly. How is that different than a photo-a-day, you may ask? The big difference is that it does not require taking a photograph every single day of the year, and that’s a BIG difference indeed! The other difference is that we will, individually, be picking themes for each weekly collection.

For me, the weekly theming will give me an opportunity to include many of your great ideas: portraits, shopping local, above & below, etc. It will also allow for theming around community events, or even world news.  I will pre-select some themes, to force myself to focus on areas where I may want to improve my skills – like Larry’s “portrait” idea. Other times, I will let the theme evolve as the week progresses – I find some really great things can result if you just let things unfold in a natural way.

And as for some of the other suggestions, like chronicling what is great about Annapolis Royal, these things will emerge as the photo project progresses, much as they did in 2011.  Because of the way my mind works, and because of the industry I work in, it is always a natural for me to migrate towards all the things that make Annapolis Royal the World’s Most Liveable Small Town!

When I started Project 365, I truly had no idea how it would unfold. The results were as surprising to me as to everyone else. The Shop Local photo campaign this past fall (which became a fairly popular initiative) initially came about as a result of my desperation for a photo-of-the-day on a dreary day in November. Many of my photos through the year recorded special community events, or local news. I just went with the flow, and some good things happened. So I think it’s important to continue to build in a lot of flexibility to the photo project so that things can continue to evolve in a natural way.

So that’s Project 7×52. Any shutterbugs who want to join us in this effort, please do so. The more the merrier. Just contact me for posting instructions. Ready… set… go!

Oh yeah, what about my “alter ego”?  The Historic Gardens side of my photography? Well, instead of mirroring the same project with my Gardens hat on, as I did in 2011, this time I have decided to take on a totally different project for my Gardens photos… Project 1000. That will involve taking and posting/sharing 1000 photos in the coming year, all about the Gardens. There is no schedule specified, but it will likely follow a weekly format as well. The only goal is a total of 1000 photos by December 31.

“A journey of a thousand photos begins with a single click”

Project 365 – The Day After – Pussycat

Project 365 – Pussycat.

The Day After: For some reason, in my little brain, my 365 project (which technically finished Dec 31) needed a final New Year’s Day shot to truly be complete. I guess it felt right to have the end shot on the same day as the start shot. My mind works in mysterious ways!

My very first photo for Project 365 was of an owl that appeared out of the blue to start my project off. I couldn’t expect to reproduce that circumstance today, so instead I thought a pussycat would make a fitting end… the Owl and the Pussycat will be my alpha and omega.

Concentric Circles

Concentric Circles, originally uploaded by thegardenshutterbug.

The rain was making pretty circles on the pond today…

Day 365 – 31Dec2011 – Mission Accomplished!

Project 365 – Mission Accomplished!

Day 365 – yes, that’s Day 365 of Project 365, my photo-a-day challenge for 2011. It has been an experience, but I will be glad to just have a couple days where I don’t HAVE to pick up my camera! Who knows, I may find that I WANT to pick it up anyway!

Day 364 – 30Dec2011 – Heron Feathers

Project 365 – Heron Feathers.

Day 364 – The heron sculpture in front of the Historic Gardens has been photographed hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of times since its installation in June. Today I thought I’d try a bit different angle, looking upward at a wing.

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