Day 125 – 05May2011 – PJM Rhodie

Project 365 – PJM Rhodie.

Day 125 – Raining again… and the PJM Rhododendron outside my front door at home was simply aglow!


Day 124 – 04May2011 – Waiting for hummers

Project 365 – Waiting for hummers.

Day 124 – I hear there are hummingbirds around now… but none at this feeder.

Day 123 – 03May2011 – Notions

Project 365 – Notions.

Day 123 – It is so nice to live in a place where a store can still advertise that they sell “notions”. It isn’t a term I see a lot of these days…

Day 122 – 02May2011 – Bones of a Wigwam

Project 365 – Bones of a Wigwam.

Day 122 – I had a look around Port Royal National Historic Site today and noticed their large Wigwam in its winter state – with no covering. Thought it would make an interesting shot…

Soon the wigwam will look more complete, as Port Royal and all the National Historic Sites gear up for their season opening on May 15.

Day 121- 01May 2011 – Look who’s driving!

Project 365 – Look who’s driving!

Day 121 – Sometimes you happen on a situation that just requires a picture… and that picture speaks for itself. This was one of those times.

Day 120 – 30Apr2011 – Courthouse Magnolias

Project 365 – Courthouse Magnolias.

Day 120 – The magnolias all around Annapolis Royal are in various stages of bloom – some are in full bloom, like these Dr. Merrill magnolias shown in front of the Court House. Others are budding up and getting ready for a great bloom.

Overall, it appears that the next couple weeks should be prime “magnolia watch” season in Annapolis Royal, perfect timing for our “Celebrating Magnolias” weekend May 6-8.

Day 119 – 29Apr2011 – Where were YOU?

Project 365 – Where were YOU?

Day 119 – I couldn’t think of a more fitting shot today than one of my television set this morning. Like many others, I got up early today to watch the Royal Wedding. And I’m glad I did.

What a nice positive event in a world that desperately needs more happy celebrations.

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