Meet the Shutterbug

2007-08-13-0421Hi, my name is Trish.

Sounds like the start of a true confession, doesn’t it? Well, I suppose it is in a way – let’s start this again…

Hi, my name is Trish and I am addicted to my camera! There, it’s “out there” now… the first step is admitting it, right?

I have worked at the beautiful Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia for more years than I care to count… let’s just say it’s more than 25. And when you are surrounded every day by 17 acres of Mother Nature’s very best, how can you NOT be inspired! So over the years I have become an avid hobby shutterbug. I focus (no pun intended) on the Gardens as my prime stomping grounds, but tend to carry my camera almost everywhere – you never know when an unexpected photo opp will arise!

After many years of taking photos for purely my own enjoyment, I started to share my best photos with others.

I do a weekly “Bloom Report” as a promotional tool for the Historic Gardens which is distributed by email and published on our website.

I create Photo Cards which are sold in the Gardens Shop and other retail outlets. These cards feature floral shots, garden vistas and Town and area views.

My photos are published in various publications, again as promotion for the Gardens or the Town.

Recently, I have expanded my horizons into videotaping and editing movies for Youtube or home viewing. That has been an interesting learning process – visit my YouTube site and have a look at some of the clips.

I have a couple Blogs that might interest you, featuring more photos and musings about the  Gardens (Historic Gardens Blog) and the area (A Happy Annapolitan). And I also dabble in Blog and Blogsite development, for those who wish to start an online presence. I leave website development to the professionals, but many small businesses are looking for a simple online site they can manage on their own.

So that’s a little about me and what I do.  I do my Shutterbug work in my spare time because I enjoy it. And it does help to pay the bills. But I’m keeping my day job!  I love to photograph gardens, flowers, critters and objects. I love to record events, through cameo shots and video, for archival and souvenir purposes. But if you are looking for a “people” photographer, for wedding photos, and so on – hire a professional!trish

So, that’s me in a nutshell! Nice to meet you… sit back and enjoy my site, and please feel free to sign on for a feed or email update!


2 Responses to “Meet the Shutterbug”

  1. faye Says:

    Nice site, Trish!

  2. Ken Johnston Says:

    Hi Trish. I would like to view the Fry Blog and see how great it looks. Can you please provide the branch of the Fryfields farm tree and access code??

    Thanks very much Trish

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